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Freemasons are ordinary men in the community, of various religious backgrounds, who share a concern for human values, high moral standards, respect for the laws of society and the rights of others. Their practice of Freemasonry promotes self development, family, charitable and community service and socialisation with like-minded individuals and their families.

“Through its moral teachings and social nature Freemasonry acts as a great sheet anchor bringing stability and purpose to peoples’ lives. We share the fraternal privilege of meeting together as friends and brethren. Our culture and social activities also embrace our wives and partners, families, children and friends. Our charitable activities and ways of being touch the lives of individuals and groups in many parts of our local communities and work places and firmly place Freemasonry, like many other forces for good, as part of the fabric of the society in which we live.”

Is this what you have been told or read about Freemasonry? Over time there has been much said and printed about Freemasons much of it incorrect and on occasions malicious.

Any opportunity we get to ensure everyone is properly informed is most welcome. If you have a particular issue you would like us to comment on or voice our opinion please do get in touch.

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