The 26 September 2019 was 125 years to the day that  Abbey Lodge 2529  was consecrated. In 1994 a booklet was prepared bringing the history of the Lodge into one volume. Abbey Lodge’s history has been brought up to date with a 25 year appendix. Much has happened in the past quarter century in the wider world as well as within Abbey Lodge.

See what we have been upto in the past decade by visiting our photographic archive which contains over 2000 images of Masonic and non-Masonic events we have put on.

Ours is a proud history

Gentlemen decide to become Freemasons

Number 12 Accrington Road often referred to as the Union Club was a Gentleman’s Club. The members were well-to-do Whalley men and met to play cards or snooker in the quiet surroundings of the Union Club.

Wanting to take things perhaps to another level someone suggested forming a Freemason’s lodge. But none of the Union Club members were actually ‘in the Craft’. So it was that others known to the members sponsored the formation of Abbey Lodge number 2529 in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England. A further issue was where to meet. Union Club was the obvious answer but space was at a premium.

So a small Lodge Room was constructed to the rear of the Club. It was slowly and lovingly equipped with the right furnishings. Some of the panelling is reputed to have been salvaged from the local Abbey ruins. The panels had found their way into a local house. The panelling was carved by a local craftsman and is a joy to behold. We have no compunction calling our Lodge Room Lancashire’s Little Gem for these reasons.

Some locally famous men have been members of Abbey Lodge. Visiting Whalley Golf Club many of the long time trophies and competitions are named after several of the founding or early members. One that stands proud is Dr Postlethwaite.

New Look @ No. 12

We are proud to be active in Whalley – so proud we have put the names and numbers of the four Lodges and one Chapter that meet at 12, Accrington Road, Whalley on display in the lower front windows. This website address and our Twitter or Facebook username of @WhalleyMasons have also been included.

Latest News

Pickwick Festival 2019

Over 60 members of the general public availed themselves of the fact that the Hall’s doors were wide open on Sunday, 1 December 2019 during the village’s Pickwick Festival. As is the norm, once they were shown into Lancashire’s Little Gem of a Lodge Room incredulous expressions came across their faces.

Youngsters were shown how our secret ballots are performed and one 3-year old found using a gavel makes plenty of noise.

Several masons came in some enquiring about joining. The real icing on the cake was a number of gentlemen expressed interest in Freemasonry in general and our Lodges in particular.

Priory Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No. 693.

This is a ‘side’ degree and Priory Lodge  was founded in 1919 so on Wednesday 2 October 2019 at their scheduled meeting a celebration of achieving this milestone was held. So many Brethren wished to attend that the meeting was actually held at Clitheroe Masonic Rooms.

The sumptuous banquet held afterwards was at the Swan and Royal Hotel, Clitheroe.

We wish Priory Lodge a belated happy 100th and all the best for the next 100 years. Long may Mark Master Masonry flourish in Whalley.

Part of Lancashire’s Little Gem of a Lodge Room

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See what we have been up to in the past decade by visiting our photographic archive which contains over 2000 images of Masonic and non-Masonic events we have put on.