We are still coming to terms about the loss of Abbey Lodge 2529’s hard-working Charity Steward, W.Bro. John Cooper and his dear wife Sue whilst on holiday in Egypt in August 2018. John worked tirelessly to raise funds for local, regional and national charities, both Masonic and non-Masonic.

As a tribute to departed merit we have put together a photo album mainly featuring John but with Sue in a cameo role as recognition of the work done and the good times we’ve had together.

Abbey Lodge will be holding the inaugural Cooperman Memorial Shoot on 15 August 2019. Planning is in its early stages but we hope you will be able to give it your full support as a tribute to John and Susan.

Ours is a proud history

Gentlemen decide to become Freemasons

Number 12 Accrington Road often referred to as the Union Club was a Gentleman’s Club. The members were well-to-do Whalley men and met to play cards or snooker in the quiet surroundings of the Union Club.

Wanting to take things perhaps to another level someone suggested forming a Freemason’s lodge. But none of the Union Club members were actually ‘in the Craft’. So it was that others known to the members sponsored the formation of Abbey Lodge number 2529 in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England. A further issue was where to meet. Union Club was the obvious answer but space was at a premium.

So a small Lodge Room was constructed to the rear of the Club. It was slowly and lovingly equipped with the right furnishings. Some of the panelling is reputed to have been salvaged from the local Abbey ruins. The panels had found their way into a local house. The panelling was carved by a local craftsman and is a joy to behold. We have no compunction calling our Lodge Room Lancashire’s Little Gem for these reasons.

Some locally famous men have been members of Abbey Lodge. Visiting Whalley Golf Club many of the long time trophies and competitions are named after several of the founding or early members. One that stands proud is Dr Postlethwaite.

Part of Lancashire’s Little Gem of a Lodge Room

Please explore our website. If you would like more information or to arrange a visit to Lancashire’s Little Gem please email info@MasonicHallWhalley.co.uk

Always a friendly welcome at Whalley!

Abbey Lodge gave over £4,000 to charity in 2017. See which non-masonic charities we are supporting > >

Though only a small meeting place the oldest Lodge meeting at Whalley – Abbey Lodge 2529 – is a thriving Lodge with a steady influx of joining and new members (initiates). Abbey Lodge has a full, family orientated social programme which allows prospective members the opportunity to meet Lodge members in a social environment.

The Inaugural Cooperman Memorial Shoot will take place on Thursday 15 August 2019. The number of shooters is limited so do not delay in booking your place for what will be a memorable day out in memory of John ‘Cooperman’ Cooper and his dear wife Susan. Follow the Shoot on Twitter @MemorialShoot.