Visitors Flock to see Lancashire’s Little Gem

Whilst the rest of the village of Whalley heralded Christmas on the streets several Lodge members spent their evening welcoming visitors to the Union Club and thus avoided the inclement weather.

Approximately 50 visitors came over the threshold most being served with a warm drink of tea or coffee. ll were happy to sign our Visitor’s Book for the night. Special mention must be made of Judith and Keith Allen who are our next door neighbours. They can see the appendage to the Union Club at the rear from their first floor windows at the back and were curious to know what lies under the funny shaped roof. From their reaction we can say they were suitably impressed.

At the same time that Judith and Keith visited so did the Ribble Valley Town Cryer, Roland Hailwood so a double photo opportunity presented itself.

In our photo our Worshipful Master, Bro Alan Dunnicliff is seen in full regalia proudly wearing Abbey Lodge’s Hall Stone Jewel around his neck.

We hope from the interest shown on this evening that we may attract some new members. One gentleman certainly should much interest.

We look forward to next year’s Pickwick Night when a similar Open House might take place.