We serve meals after our Lodge and Chapter meetings – commonly referred to as the Festive Board. We also serve drinks. Because of this we are deemed a business serving food and fall under recent UK food safety legislation regulated by the Food Standards Agency and monitored by local authorities.

We utilise outside caterers who we choose on their food hygiene rating amongst other things. Different Lodges use different caterers so we have thought it prudent to display their food hygiene ratings below.

Whalley Masonic Hall is itself working towards gaining 5 star status as its own food hygiene rating.

If you are visiting a Lodge or Chapter at Whalley and suffer from a food allergy or intolerance please inform your host so that we can make suitable provision for you.

Abbey Lodge 2529,

Abbey Chapter 2529,

Priory Lodge of Mark Master Masons 693 and

Cathedral Chapter 7814

all utilise Ossy’s Sandwich Shop on Union Road, Oswaldtwistle.

Images of their food can be seen on Facebook.

The Lancashire Scouting Lodge of Allegiance utilise Mrs Meal Prep.

Images of her work can be found on Instagram.