The Cooperman Memorial Clay Pigeon Shoot

The first ever Cooperman Memorial Clay Pigeon Shoot took place at the Coniston Cold Shooting Ground (part of the Coniston Hotel complex near Gargrave) in August 2019.

Abbey Lodge’s Charity Steward, Worshipful Brother John Cooper, arranged an annual shoot for 11 consecutive years raising approximately £40,000 before his untimely death whilst on holiday in Egypt in August 2018. His lifelong friend and Masonic Brother, Worshipful Brother Harvey Capstick, arranged the first Cooperman Memorial Shoot. The format of the Shoot followed closely to that developed by Cooperman with sponsorship helping to offset the cost of the event.

2020 has so far been an unusual tear to say the least. The decision has been taken not to hold a Cooperman Memorial Clay Pigeon Shoot this year as it would be inappropriate to ask for sponsorship in these uncertain economical times.

The funds raised through last year’s inaugural Cooperman Memorial Clay Pigeon Shoot enabled Abbey Lodge, 2529 to donate almost £5,000 to worthy causes. This is a handsome sum and the Lodge is justly proud of its achievement in this regard.

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We hope to be back in 2021.