Louis Greenhalgh Mitchell (1844-1929), Senior Deacon

Louis was born in Heywood, Lancashire and became a paper merchant working in his father, John’s company. John Mitchell was an Alderman, a Magistrate and ex-Mayor employing 180 people in Clitheroe around 1891.

He was Abbey Lodge’s first-ever Senior Deacon and one of the older Founding Members. He never attained the Master’s Chair resigning from the Lodge on the 31 October 1911 and was elected an Honorary Member in March 1913. A Deacon Founders’ Jewel is on display in the Lodge Room but there is uncertainty as to who it belonged to.

He died on 2 August 1929 aged 85 years old and is buried with his parents in Clitheroe Cemetery. A road has been named after the family in Clitheroe

Louis Mitchell