Review of 2019

2019 – another Year to Remember

It’s nice to look back at times past and for Whalley Masons 2019 had some great highs.

  1. Abbey Lodge welcomed 1 new member (initiate) in 2019. This means that the Stewards List now has 7 members. Ceremonies during the rest of the year have been Passings and Raisings. Go to Abbey Lodge 2529’s page for more information.
  2. The Lancashire Scouting Lodge of Allegiance No. 6384 started meeting at the Union Club on 23rd January 2019. Go to Lancashire Scouting Lodge of Allegiance No. 6384 page.
  3. Another ‘light blue’, Bro Ian Ferrier was Installed into the Master’s Chair in May. Abbey Lodge has a succession of ‘light blues’ through all the progressive offices with the Stewards mentioned  above to follow. Photos here.
  4. With the arrival of another Craft Lodge into the building the Management Committee have taken the opportunity to invest in modifications such as improved regalia storage and window graphics.
  5. Abbey Lodge’s social events have gone from strength to strength attracting young and old alike and at the same time raising funds for Masonic and non-Masonic charities.
  6. Priory Mark Lodge have had one Advancement (new member). They also celebrated their Centenary on 6th October 2019. Go to Priory Lodge of Mark Master Masons page.
  7. Abbey Lodge held the first-ever ‘Cooperman’ Memorial Shoot in August in tribute to Worshipful Brother John Cooper and his wife Susan which raised over £3,000 for Masonic and non-Masonic charities. The latter included Riding for the Disabled, Guide Dogs and RNLI.
  8. Abbey Lodge celebrated its 125th birthday on Thursday 26 September 2019.
  9. Abbey Chapter continued to meet throughout the year. Go to Abbey Chapter 2529’s page.
  10. Whalley Arches Lodge had a first in more ways than one when they initiated a candidate in November. Go to Whalley Arches Lodge’s page.
  11. Members from all Lodges meeting at Whalley took part in the village’s Remembrance Day service and laid a wreath at the War Memorial along with most of the village.
  12. The Lancashire Scouting Lodge of Allegiance No. 6384 held a Caribbean Night in November to chase away the winter blues and raise money for local charities.
  13. The door of 12 Accrington Road (aka the Union Club) were opened to the public on 1st December 2019 on the occasion of the Whalley Pickwick event and around 60 visitors looked around the building and encountered Lancashire’s Little Gem of a Lodge Room.
  14. The 60th Postlethwaite Dinner was held by Abbey Lodge in December at Whalley Golf Club.

We might have missed one or two highs that occurred in 2019. To jog your memory we have a photographic archive which you are welcome to browse.

Always a warm welcome at Lancashire’s Little Gem

(Whalley Masonic Hall aka Union Club)

2020 – What’s in Store for us in Whalley?

  1. Abbey Lodge have a new candidate for membership who was proposed by his son.
  2. The Lancashire Scouting Lodge of Allegiance have a candidate for membership in January.
  3. Abbey Lodge’s Worshipful Master will be hosting a Ladies Evening in April.
  4. Priory Lodge of Mark Master Masons’ installation in March will be a little special.
  5. Whalley Arches Lodge will have one member celebrating 50 years as a Freemason in March 2020.

To find out what is happening at Whalley view our calendar.

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